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The Angler Tool is a duct board tool designed to be used on the jobsite to construct joints and fittings primarily with fibrous duct board, however, it can be used in an emergency to alter machine-produced metal duct in the field should the situation become necessary.
GoMech, LTD has been doing our part to make the fabrication of KoolDuct a streamlined process for today&x27;s marketplace. With products like the KD3Z and KD400, it&x27;s never been easier to start using KoolDuct in your shop. Cut fittings at speeds of over 1800 inches per minute on the KD3Z or over 2300 inches of straight duct per minute on the KD400.
Cuts-All Tool Replaces shiplap grooves in fiber glass duct board. Used in fitting fabrication for both shop and field applications. Available in 1.0" (seen here), 1.5", 2.0" male and 2.0" female. Peeler Knife Sturdy knife blade is heat treated to resist the abrasive damage to normal knife blades or razor blades caused by glass fibers.
Amcraft 1086 Black 1.5 inch Kerfing Tool Female Shiplap Cut Duct Board Hand Tool Manufacturer Amcraft Tools Price 55.95 Shipping Cost 15.00.
Cutoff line at right end of duct blank 2. On the left edge of the board (opposite end of board that has stapling flap), cut the closure joint rabbet with a female tool, such as the Amcraft Gray Tool. 3. Use a shiplap tool, such as the Amcraft Orange Tool, to cut the grooves on the first three centerlines for the corner folds. When
The Rotobrush aiR is designed to give you the cleanest air ducts possible. It works by inserting the brush, which rotates at 450 rpm, inside the air duct. While the brush spins, it is loosening any debris stuck inside. As the brush is scrubbing the inside walls, the vacuum is sucking up the loosened debris, leaving you with clean air ducts.
Nov 12, 2019 Glass Master SG-220 Grooving Machine for Ductboard. The Glass Master SG-220 Grooving Machine cuts and grooves Ductboard 15 to 20 times faster than by hand. Easily adaptable to groove 1, 1-12 and 2 Board. Each tool holder has a unique measuring tab for easy and accurate groove spacing. Quick-release clamps allow for rapid positioning.
Product Overview. The Master Flow 48 in. x 120 in. Duct Board - R-6 features fiberglass construction with an FSK backing for sturdiness over time. Cut this duct board to size and use it to build your own HVAC fittings or trunk
Demonstrates how to lay out and hand fabricate a straight fiber glass duct section using duct board hand fabrication tools manufactured by Amcraft.
Amcraft 1415 Modified Corner Shiplap 2-Way Tool for 1 12 Duct Board. Amcraft Layout Square (No Add -owns) 1-12 Duct Board Tool. 0 out of 5 (There are no reviews yet.) 58.00. SKU AmC-7002. Add to cart View cart. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google Email. Compare. Description Additional information